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Zuzana Ritchie on June 9, 2020

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Don’t just take our word for it. The overwhelming statistical evidence points out customers’ growing demands when shopping online. 

According to TechJury, there will be 1 billion augmented reality (AR) users this year. And Statista adds that the current number of smartphone users worldwide is over 3 billion, with China, India, and the United States in the lead with the highest number of smartphone users.

What does this mean? With an option of getting anything that your shopping heart desires just with a tap of your finger, Brizfeel reports that 57% of consumers prefer to shop online. ThinkMobiles reveals that 63% of customers are sure that augmented reality may buff their shopping experience, and 35% say that they would likely go shopping online more if there would be a possibility to virtually try stuff before buying it.

If the numbers are not convincing enough, a look at the psychological aspect of online shopping using augmented reality might be.

Online shopping is incredibly convenient, and smartphones or tablets are highly addictive tools because they’re a constant source of entertainment and information, whether you are wasting time, having a lunch break, or on the go.


Add augmented reality to the mix, and you have a sure way to grow your customer base. Various research and experiments comparing traditional advertising and an interactive AR shopping experience concluded that:

1. A customer feels a closer relationship with a product and a higher sense of ownership when they can try it on using AR technology.

2. A customer has an increased sense of wonder, being able to see what the product looks like, for example, on their face, and a decreased sense of doubt thanks to a realistic 3D visualization. 


The good news is that AR technology is now affordable and accessible to online stores of all sizes and is no longer a luxury for only big brands and large companies worldwide. 

E-commerce platforms, such as Shopify or Magento, have allowed small retailers to incorporate AR into their product listings, with 3D modeling of products, including our dedicated AR plugins for these platforms. 

Virtual Try On plugin cuts back on returns, thus saving brand money, time, and energy. And who doesn’t want a higher profit margin? 

Auglio helps E-commerce retailers grow their business, increase the number of loyal customers, and inject tons of fun when they browse the online store with our Virtual Try-On Mirror Plugin. 

Creating a testing account is free. With us, success is inevitable. 

Happy shopping! :)


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