Terms & Conditions

The Author and Operator of the website www.auglio.com (hereinafter Service) is the company CamCom s.r.o., 945 01 Komárno, Zimná 411/6, Slovak Republic, VAT number: SK54691168 (hereinafter Operator). The Operator has created this website in good faith, intending to facilitate access to a license for the use of virtual mirror e-commerce add-ons.

By using any part of the Service every visitor agrees with these terms and conditions.

The User of the Service shall:

  • Not sell, redistribute or offer for download any part of Service in any form or in any medium, whether original or modified or for profit or not
  • Use every license only for one single website
  • Not alter, remove or decode any of the source code without explicit written permission from the Operator

Provisions and obligations

  •      The Operator guarantees to ensure the smooth running of the service, minimizing any downtime and its immediate solution
  •      The Operator is in no way liable for any damages to the User while using the websites. The use of Service is the User's responsibility. Service only facilitates visualizing products either on customers' photos or live stream video and, the User takes full responsibility for how to deal with this
  •      The Operator may at any time change the content of the Service, add new features, as well as change these Terms of use

Termination / Access Restriction

The Operator reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate the User's access to the Service without notice. The Operator may also terminate or suspend User access to the site or service due to inaction which is considered his failure to pay for a paid access to the Service for more than one calendar year.

Administration and protection of registration data

The administrator of personal data entered at registration is the Operator. The Operator undertakes that the personal data of registered Users will be used only for the purpose of providing Service and sending information about its own products, and products of its trading partners. The User can cancel receiving information by e-mail personally in the settings of the User profile or can ask the Operator to do so.

The User provides the Operator information, private information, including personal data under sec. Law no. 122/2013 Z.z. on Protection of Personal Data as amended (hereinafter referred to as "personal data" and "Law on the Protection of Personal Data"), in order to provide services to Users on the servers, gaining access to Users of the servers and registration for an indefinite period while the User agrees that the Operator processes and disposes of these data in accordance with sec. the law on the Protection of Personal Data in the case of personal information. The date of de-registration, it is understood that the User consent to the processing of personal data is revoked and the Operator is committed to process these data under sec. Law on Personal Data Protection.

The Operator undertakes not to disclose private data and IP of the User to any third party unless so stipulated by a generally binding legal regulation and/or at the justified request of the public authority.

Member account, password, and security

When a User creates a User Profile in the Service they must complete the entire registration process by providing current, accurate, and complete information as instructed by the relevant registration form. After registration, the full version is activated for 7 days without any charge. After the 7-day trial period, the User is charged for the service, about which they werenformed during registration. The User is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password and account information. The User is also fully responsible for any and all activities that occur under their account. The User agrees to immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of his/her account. The Operator is not responsible for any losses that may arise from actions of someone else using the User’s password or account, either with or without the User's knowledge. The User is required to take responsibility for the Operator’s losses or losses on the side of another party due to the use of the User’s account or password by another party. The User guarantees that their account will not be used by anyone else without their consent.

By uploading a photo, the user agrees to store the photo on Auglio

Account / Registration Cancellation

The User can , or they may ask the Operator via e-mail to do so. After the deactivation, the Operator permanently deletes all the Users’ data, including saved photos and settings. If the User had activated chargeable services of the Service and had them active during the deactivation, deactivating their account leads to an automatic revocation without the possibility of restarting. After deactivation, it is impossible to reactivate the account, and the User must go through the registration process again from the beginning.

Payment processes

The user agrees to the price and duration of fee-based services and their components (i.e., paid version of the Service) under the terms, which provide information in the activation window when activated. The fee is voluntary and is activated through payment via a credit card or Paypal® payment gateway. For questions regarding the payment, the User can contact the Administrator via e-mail or phone.


After each payment, the User will receive an invoice/tax document, which serves as an earmark of payment for the services. All invoices are archived in the User profile and are available after logging in. Each invoice contains details of the supplier/buyer (according to data commissioned by the User), the subject of billing, and the billed amount. Customers from EU countries who are VAT payers automatically pay the amount without VAT, which is reflected in the invoice.


The License is expressly conditioned on timely payment of the then-applicable license fee (“Subscription Fee”). If payment is not received within the required time period, the Operator may suspend the User’s  access to the Service until payment is received. Except as outlined in the Terms, all Subscription fees are non-refundable. We do not provide refunds in case of malfunction or limited plugin functionality caused by third-party restrictions (e.g., missing Live mode in Chrome on iOS devices). The operator reserves the right to increase or decrease any Subscription Fee at any time; however, to the extent the User has paid their Subscription Fee in advance, the increase or decrease will not become effective for the User’s Plan until the end of their current Term or their next renewal.

Auto-Renewal for Subscription Services

Unless the User opts out of auto-renewal, their Subscription will be automatically extended following any subscription term, for the same period of time as the previous Subscription term, at the then-current rate. The User can terminate their subscription by going to their Account page or contact the Operator at [email protected]. If the User terminates their Subscription during the subscription term, they may use your Subscription until the end of the then-current term, and their Subscription will not be renewed after the then-current term expires. However, the User will not be eligible for a prorated refund of any portion of the Subscription Fee paid for the then-current subscription term.

Plan Cancellation

The User’s may cancel their Plan at any time via their user account settings page or by emailing [email protected]. After cancellation, the User’s Plan will remain active to the end of their then-current Individual Term to the extent the User’s Subscription Fee is paid. The Operator will not offer refunds on any fees or charges related to the User’s Plan, including any partially used or unused periods for which the User has already paid. The User’s obligation to pay fees continues until the end of their Individual Term.

The Modification of Terms and Conditions

The Operator reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and notices under which the Service is offered, including but not limited to charges associated with using websites by placing the modified Terms and conditions within the Service (www.auglio.com) or by sending them via e-mail. The usage of the Service by the User after such notice shall be deemed as his/her acceptance of the changes. The User is responsible for regularly monitoring trade terms published within the Service.

Limitation of system operation

The Operator operates regular system maintenance of the Service and, for this purpose, is entitled to restrict the system's operation or completely stop it for a certain time. The Operator is obliged to notify the User via the website of the Service about regular and planned closures lasting more than 15 minutes at least 1 hour in advance. The Operator is also entitled to limit or interrupt the system's operation for the time required to remove defects or other defects affecting the system's functionality.


The terms of this agreement shall be governed by the law of the Slovak republic therefore, you may not use the product at all in jurisdictions where this agreement is itself illegal or where you are not empowered to enter into such an agreement


Last modified: January 1st, 2023