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We have been pioneers in the field of augmented reality for e-commerce from the very start and are committed to constant innovation, development and finding better solution for you and your clients. Team up with us and stay ahead of the curve!

Empowering Team of Great People

Ondrej Bagin

CEO & Co-owner

Peter Soós

CTO & Co–owner

Vít Endler

CSO & Co–owner

Balázs Bosternák

Principal Software Developer

Lenka Bošnovičová

Head of Sales and Integrations

Ákos Németh

Chief Business Development Officer

Jakub Živný

Senior Software Developer

Michal Vincze

Process & Controlling Manager

Daniel Watzko Rubini

Head of Cosmetics

Alex Szalai

Head of Auglio UK

Martin Krafčík

Chief Marketing Officer

Petra Kubaská

Office Manager

Peter Garaj

Software Developer

Andrej Jurčák

Graphic Designer

Daniel Sánchez

Business Development Specialist

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