Magic Mirror Features

The Magic Mirror allows shoppers to try on and combine decorative cosmetics, sunglasses, contact lenses, jewellery and fashion accessories using models, their own photo or a live webcam feed. The plugin is fully compatible with all online stores and platforms.

Quick Setup

You can be up and running in under 1 hour. Launching the Magic Mirror in your online store is easy as Plug & Play.

More Conversions

Based on customer reports, the Magic Mirror delivers higher conversion rates, lower returns & increased social media interest for online stores.

Full Compatibility

Seamless integration with all e-commerce sites and platforms.

A marked increase in customer experience and satisfaction

Both major e-commerce players and small online shops have reported a significant boost in overall customer experience, over 60% more conversions and a sharp drop in returns after installing the Magic Mirror.

An instant try on function for your customers

First try, then buy – the dream of every shopper is now available in the world of online fashion and beauty. The Magic Mirror by Auglio is the most diverse and practical shopping assistant on the market. Let your customers try on your products while browsing and make online shopping a fun experience!

Like magic, it works

Average Increase in Sales
Virtualizations this month
Unique users this month
Active Customers
Daily Product Modifications
Daily Virtualizations

Multiple language mutations

Yes, your customers will understand us!

Our plugins are translated to the following languages:

English, german, spanish, portuguese, italian, french, catalan, czech, slovak, hungarian, polish, romanian, norwegian, swedish, danish, latvian, estonian, lithuanian, hebrew, turkish, arabic, russian, korean.

Need other language integration? Please contact us!

Plug & Play extension available for all major providers

About the Magic Mirror

No Programming Skills Needed

The Magic Mirror brings your e-commerce business to the future by providing a realistic product viewing using customer photos or a live webcam feed. It makes shopping a fun experience and enables online vendors to reap the benefits of a regular try on option in brick-and-mortar stores.

This is even more true for decorative cosmetics and contact lenses - after all, where else can customers test how a colored lense, an eyeliner or a lipstick look on them? The Magic Mirror is the only way to try on these products and combine them to create a specific look - without ever leaving home.

Where else can you try out products such as lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, eyeliners, glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, jewelry, fashion accessories or apparel using your photo? Only in shops offering Magic Mirror!


The Magic Mirror app is compatible with the vast majority of devices, web browsers, and e-commerce platforms.
For more information on compatibility, see the article in our knowledge base.

Supported Product Categories

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