Virtual Try-On has become a new standard for e-commerce

Virtual Try-On has become a new standard for e-commerce

Today, thousands of online stores and over 400 premium E-commerce brands use a live virtual try-on tool from Auglio.

Almost all merchants running online stores, whether small or huge, try to seize growth opportunities from the changes in customers’ shopping habits during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The world has never witnessed so many online purchases as it did over the last few years. Thus, the competition in the online environment is rising. Online customers are getting more and more demanding. E-commerce needs to accommodate the new desire to merge online and offline shopping experiences to attract and engage new shoppers, increase conversion rates, and boost sales in the next few years.

Providing customers with a live try-on option that is simple, interactive, engaging, and brings fun into the experience can boost businesses to new heights. And when is the best time to start? It’s now!

Towards new heights through innovation

Virtual try-on solutions have been continuously in development every day for almost 15 years. What’s more, innovation is happening all around the globe. Magic Mirror, an augmented reality tool from Auglio developed by an international team in Europe, stays at the forefront and sets continues setting trends for live try-on technology worldwide. Our product and business development teams always keep an eye on the affordability of the AR tool for even the smallest e-commerce businesses. Auglio’s Magic Mirror is easy to install, integrate and use, and it brings together the highest standards of realistic product visualization and best-in-class market price options. In the universe of unlimited possibilities, you’ll probably find even more realistic try-on solutions, unfortunately, several times more expensive and with complicated product portfolio integration. What good is a costly system when nobody uses it, right?

Money-earning machine

Thinking of Auglio’s Magic Mirror as a passive cost burner would be a mistake: the opposite is true. 

Customer experience should be fun, no matter if on- or offline! And that’s exactly how it is with Magic Mirror, bringing the latest benefits of brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping.

„This app significantly increased our client's engagement with our products and conversion rate. When we needed help, customer care was attentive and helped us out. Would recommend! :)“

An engaged and satisfied customer:

  • increases E-commerce conversion rates
  • places a higher number of items in the basket
  • recommends and shares their experience with friends and family
  • makes confident purchase decisions with ease
  • doesn't ask for returns
  • loves your brand and will come back again.

The time is now!

Are you looking for a price-wise plugin to boost your sales? Let’s start!

Happy shopping! :)



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