Augmented Reality - The Sales Hero In Your Online Store Success Story

Augmented Reality - The Sales Hero In Your Online Store Success Story

The thrill of shopping is a familiar feeling for many, and you don’t have to be a shopaholic to get a feel-good buzz from it. As a generation ‘Swipe Left or Right’ and ‘Scroll Up and Down’ we are spoilt for choice of the goods with a tap of a finger on our smartphones and seduced by the speed and simplicity of online purchases.

I know, the die-hard fans of brick-and-mortar shops would argue that you often don’t know if that pair of sunglasses, those earrings, or that lipstick color will suit you, once your package is delivered. It’s followed by the disappointment and annoyance of having to return the purchased goods. 

This is where augmented reality comes to the rescue. Cue the shopping world of a ‘Virtual Try-On.’ If you don’t know what it is, than you have been missing out, and it’s time to catch up and enter the future of online shopping. 

L’Oreal, ASOS, Ikea, Gucci, Sephora, Adidas, and many other big e-commerce brands have already jumped on the bandwagon and are using the advantages of AR technology to drive sales and offer a unique and immersive shopping experience to their customers. 

The world’s leading source for international market research reports and market data reports that the augmented reality & mixed reality market was valued at USD 2.98 billion in 2019, and is expected to reach USD 27.44 billion by 2025. Narrowing it down to augmented reality in retail, according to Wikitude, 32% of shoppers are regular users of AR, and 73% of smartphone AR users are highly contented with the experiences.

Simply put, there is no downside to augmented reality shopping, and both sides benefit from it: The customer and the online store owner who offers a virtual try-on service. The customer shops confidently because they can see what suits them via a live camera, not just a still photograph. They can move their head freely while ‘virtually’ wearing the chosen product. The online store business owner is then sure to boost their sales, increase the number of items popped in the online basket, and most likely lower the returns and minimize the complaints.

What’s the catch? There is no catch. We know what we are talking about. Virtual Try-On plugin by Auglio is a premium but affordable service for online stores of any size. We helped boost profits and engage customers for numerous brands and online stores. Installing Auglio’s Try-On plugin is super easy and super fast. Check out Auglio Demo Store and let us help you get ahead of the e-commerce business game.

Happy shopping!


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