Automatic PD measurement for perfect eyewear fit

When it comes to eyewear, choosing the right size is of utmost importance. A key factor in this is the measurement of PD. PD, short for Pupillary Distance, refers to the distance between the centres of our pupils.
Automatic PD measurement for eyewear fit
Getting an accurate PD measurement is essential to ensuring that the glasses you choose fit you well. The PD allows the optical centres of the lenses to be positioned precisely in relation to the pupils, so it is a good idea to know your PD when buying prescription glasses as well.

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There are methods of measuring PD manually using a credit card or a ruler and mirror. At Auglio, we have developed a PD measurement that is automatic. You don't need an app, a credit card or a ruler. All you need is your smartphone or laptop with a camera.
PD is usually measured in millimetres (mm) and is unique to each individual. It can range from around 54mm to 74mm, with the average PD for adults being between 58mm and 68mm. Although it may seem like a small detail, even a slight variation in PD can affect how effectively corrective lenses align with the eyes.
It's worth noting that PD measurement is not a one-time measurement for life. Our PD can vary over time, especially in children and young adults as their faces continue to grow. For those using progressive or multifocal lenses, accurate PD measurement becomes even more critical, as it ensures the proper alignment of different lens zones for near, intermediate, and distance vision.
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