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How to integrate glasses

Adding your products

You can add your products to our system by creating them manually one by one or you can set up an XML feed (more info here) and import all your products automatically.

Integration process

  1. Open the photos in a graphics editor software (e.g. Photoshop)
  2. Remove the background and all unnecessary parts that shouldn't be visible in the Virtual Try-On (e.g. temples behind the lenses)
  3. Save each file as a PNG with a transparent background (both frontal and the side view) (see next chapter: Product photo requirements)
  4. Go to the "Product Listing" page in our Client Dashboard
  5. Integrate the product
    1. If you have already imported your products with the help of the XML product feed:
      1. Search for the product in the list
      2. Click Edit icon
    2. If you will create the products one by one:
      1. Click + NEW PRODUCT
      2. Fill in the information about the product
      3. Select the Glasses category
      4. Click SAVE & CONTINUE
  6. Upload the photos to the corresponding editor windows and set their size and position (you can also find a tutorial video in the description below the editor on how to set up the pictures)
  7. Mark the product as published and click UPDATE or click UPDATE AND PUBLISH

Product photo requirements

To integrate your products into Virtual Try-On, you will need two photos of each pair of glasses, one frontal and one side view (90-degree angle). You can find sample photos in this article to see what the images should look like.

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