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Supported product categories

Explore the list of product categories supported by our VTO technology. From fashion accessories to beauty products, our comprehensive selection has got you covered. Our innovative Virtual Try-On technology is designed to help you effortlessly discover the perfect products. Don't waste any time and see how we can assist you in finding your ideal product today!

Segment Product category Supported
Sunglasses Yes
Prescription Glasses Yes
Contact Lenses Yes
Crazy Contact Lenses Yes
Lipsticks Yes
Lip Glosses Yes
Liquid Lipsticks Yes
Lip Liners Yes
Lip Palettes Yes
Eye Shadows Yes
Eye Liners Yes
Mascaras Yes
Brows Yes
Lashes Yes
Eye Palletes Yes
Blushes Yes
Foundations Yes
Powders Yes
Concealers Yes
Highlighters Yes
Face Palettes Yes
Nail Polishes Coming soon
Chains Yes
Necklaces Yes
Earrings Yes
Rings Coming soon
Sets Coming soon
Bracelet Coming soon
Wristwatches Coming soon
Headwear Yes
Shawls Yes
Scarves Yes
Facemask Yes
Headbands Yes


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